BENTSAI is a global manufacturer of direct printing technology.

Production is based on advanced MEMS manufacturing technology. In a characteristic process it focuses on TIJ thermal foaming printhead integrated circuit technology, security, research and development of operating system software and hardware. Based on this advanced technology, BENTSAI has introduced its own comprehensive production line for printheads using the MEMS process and developed 100 mm nozzle portable wide-format inkjet printing equipment.

The company provides integrated solutions for inkjet printers thanks to its own research, development, production, sales and service.

BENSTAI attaches great importance to innovation and intellectual property protection. It has successively obtained several patents for its own solutions, including 10 authorized invention patents, integrated circuit layouts and software works.

BENTSAI products have many certificates, such as CE, KC, FCC, IEC, BIS and ROHS.

Thanks to its own scientific research, BENTSAI is constantly innovating its own advanced technology, so that it achieves significant technological breakthroughs in the MEMS process.

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